1401 S 8th Street Colorado Springs Colorado 80905
DoJo 719-520-5844

Kempo Beginner white-purpleLittle Dragons ages 4-7Kempo Advanced blue and upKempo AdultKrav MagaKempo all levels all agesWeapons must be Orange Belt or higherGrappling Fight Class
Monday4:45-5:304:00-4:305:45-6:305:45-6:30Level 1 & 2
6:30-7:30 pm
Tuesday5:45-6:306:30-7:156:30-7:15Level 1 & 2
7:15-8:15 pm
Power Class
Wednesday4:45-5:304:00-4:305:45-6:305:45-6:30Level 1 & 2
6:30-7:30 pm
Thursday5:45-6:306:30-7:156:30-7:15Brown & Black belts
Friday4:45-5:306:00-6:456:00-6:45Sparring all ages
Saturday9:30-10:159:30-10:159:30-10:15All Levels

Students are expected to:

  • Attend class on a regular and consistent basis (at least 2 times/week).
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled class.
  • Get picked up immediately after scheduled class.
  • Do not disturb classes in session.
  • Date Membership Card and hand to Sensei at start of class.
  • Keep uniforms neat, clean, and odor free.
  • Bring sparring gear to every class.
  • To give 100% effort every time you come to class.
  • Memorize and apply the 5 school rules and Student Creed.
  • There can be no children left at the studio unattended, unless they are currently in a scheduled class.

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June 23 2014 new schedule